Thank you for your interest in Fugue! Poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction submissions are accepted here on Submittable only; please send no more than five poems, two short-shorts, one story, or one essay per submission. For reviews, we accept pitches or completed pieces via email--see guidelines at 

You can find more information about what our genre editors would like to read under each specific submissions call below. We are open to hybrid and mixed-genre work; please choose whichever category you feel your work is most aligned with.

Submissions will be considered for our annual print issue and for publication online. 

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  • Our current print issue is Issue 61 - Summer/Fall 2021
  • Our second most recent print issue is Issue 59— Summer/Fall 2020
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  • Issue 53 - Summer/Fall 2016
    • Issue 45 - Summer/Fall 2013
    • Issue 43 - Summer/Fall 2012
    • Issue 41 - Summer/Fall 2011
    • Issue 40 - Winter/Spring 2011
    • Issue 39 - Summer/Fall 2010
    • Issue 36 - Winter/Spring 2009

Send us your risks and outcasts, your spells and curses, your experiments and ruminations. We want poems that embrace the unknown, poems from monsters and to monsters. We believe poetry is an inclusive space—we’re looking for work with a range of identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, sexualities, races, and ethnicities. Captivate us in a way that only your voice can.

Please send 3-5 poems with a maximum submission length of 10 pages. Please send all your poems in one document in either a .doc or .docx file.

Send us the stories that need to be out in the world. The ones we couldn’t ask you to send us, because we don’t yet know we need them. Whether you’re trying something old in a way we haven’t seen, or something new in a way that feels immediately classic, we want to read the stories you make essential: the voice that we can’t get out of our head, the off-kilter narrative, the questions that don’t have ready answers. Surprise us.

We are especially eager to be a platform for voices that are consciously, unconsciously, and systematically underrepresented.

While we love reading stories of all lengths, it is more difficult to make space for anything over 15 pages in Fugue. Please attach your story as a .doc or .docx file. Finally, we know the anxiety of submission; we are grateful for your trust and look forward to reading your stories.

We are looking for essays that experiment, take formal risks and let the language lead. This includes essays of all sorts—from personal essay to flash nonfiction and hybrid works—but we especially enjoy a clear voice, genre-bending sensibilities, surprising language, and attention to the twists and turns of intellection. In any case, we are looking for a compelling narrative that makes us think. We hope to include both established and new voices in our pages, including voices that are historically underrepresented.

Please do not submit works longer than 5,000 words. We rarely publish academic or scholarly articles, but if you’ve got a piece of auto-theory on your hands, send it our way!

We also encourage you to look through our recent online issues to get a sense of what we like to publish. Thank you for your submissions—we look forward to reading your work. (Please attach your work as a .doc or .docx file.)